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Community Support

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Verala Development Society (VDS) established in 1969 is a grassroots organisation which has dedicated itself to community development. Its purpose is to work with the common people to enable them to meet the basic human needs, namely, food, shelter, useful education and healthful living. It has the proud heritage of the freedom struggle, as freedom fighters of repute were among its founders. They hailed mainly from the Alsund village cluster populated by 20,000 people, and an arable surface of ten thousand hectares which was heavily eroded due to lack of green coverage.

VDS is a government - recognised no-profit organsiation and the scope of its operation is nationwide. However, VDS confines itself most of the time due to material constraints to the Districts of Sangli and Kolhapur, which has a combined population of four million.

It has an Executive Committee of nine members and a General Body which at present has 75 members. The Executive Committee is elected from the General Body members. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary/Executive Director are the office bearers who are members of the Executive Committee and they are appointed with the consent of the General Body.

VDS set before itself initially the task of improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the villages in Sangli District which suffered from chronic drought (average rain 450 mm.). In working among the people towards the achievement of these ends, VDS determinedly strives to rise above the man-made distinctions of caste, creed and gender. Improvement of agricultural production in rainfed areas, provision of basic infrastructure and educational facilities were the most pressing felt needs of the people. Priority attention was focused on action directed to meet these needs.

Ultimately, VDS aims at linking justice, rationality, holisticism with eco-sanctity and human brotherhood

- There are numerous hurdles in the way, for,- Indian society is under the continuous siege of Tusnami of anomie. Democracy is decomposing into kleptocracy. The candles lit by community-based initiatives, as ours, are like droplets of light in a raging ocean of darkness. These tiny flickers of light, which spring from the incandescence of dedication to human values, will not fade, and there lies hope of revival and a new genesis.

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